Friday, April 19, 2013

Overnight Chaos In Boston And Watertown, Massachusetts

It's been a long week in news. This is especially for Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Over night the chaos in the city that started Monday continued with the chase of two suspects.

It's 3:30 am and the details of the night are still sketchy. What's clear is around 5 pm yesterday photos of the suspects from the marathon bombing were released, hours later a cop on MIT campus was shot and soon after died, a car was stolen, which lead to many of us tuning into to CNN for hours. That's those of us that were still awake. I just happened to be up and live tweeted/Retweeted as much as possible. It all started with a response to someone else's tweet.

In the beginning it was crazy. CNN was reporting, but had very little information to report on. A couple more tweets and Retweets are listed below.

 The cell phone reporting was cleared up soon after. CNN's photo journalist Gabe Ramirez was told to stop using his phone at one point.

This was one of my retweets. CNN was the first news station to start live tweeting these over night events. They're my favorite station. Check out all tweets at @mrsstarstatus. There's one final thought.

I thought they had a guy stripped naked and in the police car and was searching for a second suspect. When did he die? Who killed him? Did the police put a bullet to his head just for the Hell of it? Explain. They did explain at 3:55 am. I'm still tuning in. This was just a regular guy who was mistaken for a suspect. He's been released. By the time I'm sleep, the world will be waking up confused as to how all this happened without their initial knowledge. By the time I look at this story again, it'll make more sense. Maybe!

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