Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Kenya Moore's World, According To RHOA Reunion

It's been an eventful season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but it has come to an end. While we originally thought RHOA was about several different Atlanta women, on Part one of the reunion show Kenya Moore let everyone know she was the star of the show.

Kenya joined the cast of RHOA for the first time this season and she didn't waste any time getting into drama. She argued with Porsha Stewart, Cynthia Bailey, and Phaedra Parks. Each fight was about a different type of situation, but they all had something in common.

In each fight Kenya was the victim. Someone was out to hurt her. Someone claimed to be her friend, but eventually stabbed her in the back. She was the angel in the situation. Wait, that's not what we all saw. We saw Kenya start a lot of mess. Usually after watching the season through, some reality stars have a different opinion of how they acted. Not Kenya.

On the reunion show Kenya held onto her views of being wronged. She event went as far as to say Porsha and Phaedra's story lines revolved around her. She claimed Phaedra was not a hot topic until she made her a hot topic. However, Phaedra has been doing business deals and having marital situations that caught our attention before Kenya ever graced the television screen. Could Kenya be delusional or could we just see everything wrong? After all, in Kenya's mind this world revolves around her.

While we are heavily tuned into the reunion show, in real time Porsha and Kordell Stewart are getting a divorce. According to blogs, the divorce has started to get messy. Kordell has supposedly locked Porsha out of the home and hired a nanny for his son. Remember during that one episode where he argued that there was no need for a nanny? How bad can this situation get? Will Porsha be on the next season? I like her better without Kordell around.

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