Friday, April 12, 2013

Preacher's Daughters Episode Five

My newest favorite reality show on television is Preacher's Daughters and there's a reason. Unlike the other shows, Preacher's Daughters actually has three interesting story lines.

The first story line is about Kolby Koloff and her family. Her parents, both pastors, are divorced, but her family is big. They have to find several ways to bond and they do. Kolby is the youngest and seems to be the easily influenced in her family. The series started with her mom ramming thoughts of sex being bad into her head and her struggling with having a boyfriend for the first time. The pressure was so heavy she broke up with him. Ooh!

Episode five starts off with Kolby's parents (Victoria and Nikkita Koloff) going on a date. It was a set-up by the daughters. How sweet. During the date they discuss their issues and bringing the family closer together. This whole episode might be more about them than Kolby until the end.

At the end of the episode Kolby runs into Micah. She was hurt by her choice in breaking up with him, but thought it through thoroughly. Plus she prayed about it. She and I have something in common. We both wish we could pick up the phone and speak to God that way. It would make life a lot easier. Back to Micah. He's receptive to her. They become girlfriend and boyfriend again. That was cute.

Taylor Coleman

Then there's Taylor Coleman. Taylor is a pastor's daughter trying to live the ways of the world. As the daughter of a pastor her every move is scrutinized. She can't breathe without being yelled at, so she lies and ends up making her life worse.

In episode five Taylor's parents leave her at the house with her older sister. She convinces her older sister she's going to the store and a friend's house. Again, she does something different. The boy Demarious (spell check) that wants to date her needs photos for his album. He's a 20 year old that does drugs and drink. Of course he'd want to be a rapper too. She has found friends to be on the album cover with her. Once they get to the spot they change and start posing. Other than the boys using a camera phone, it looked like a lot of fun. Of course Taylor doesn't hear her phone ringing urgently during the fun time. The call was that serious.

Taylor's mom calls her several times to alert her that her dad is in the hospital. Once she finally gets the messaged, she is super upset. Her sister tries to convince her it's not her fault, but she knows her behavior is putting stress on her parents. That night for the first time she shows she really wants to change.

Olivia Perry

Finally there is Olivia Perry. She has the most serious role of a pastor's daughter on the show. She has messed up the most. She partied, got into a serious car accident, ended up pregnant, was wasn't sure who the father of her child was. She eventually found out who the baby's father is, but she is still a single mom. Olivia is also trying to change her life. She's trying to hard that she probably thinks too deeply about every move she could make. Or does she?

"Olivia what I'd like for you in a guy is somebody who is perfect and chivalrous"-- Pastor Mark Perry

"Okay, that might be hard to find"-- Olivia

Olivia starts to become more receptive to this old party friend being back into her life. Pastor Mark Perry invites him to dinner for questioning. The tough father shows for the first time. This guy gets grilled and gives all the right answers. Her claims he's changed his life and wants to be involved with Olivia. He even talks about being a figure in her son's life. That's deep. However, he lied.

Towards the end of the episode Olivia tells her father bad news. This guy blocked her from his Facebook and twitter. What was he hiding? His girlfriend. Now why did he lie to the pastor?

Despite the struggles, all of these families are very close. They can talk about anything and their bonds are clearly unbreakable. I'm amazed.

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