Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ray J. Hit It First Music Video Plus My Poem

Ray J. has made a music video to Hit It First. Although it's only Tuesday, my week is made. That catchy ass chorus is stuck in my head again. Also, did you read my poem He Hit This First. If not, it's listed below. 

He Hit This First 
He hit this first/I know you're jealous/You're trying to claim him but I'm his world/I made him feel better/He said with me it was like a drug/After some time of talking and some good movie watching he couldn't contain his thirst/My body was in heat/My mouth real dry/When he made his move I couldn't hold back/I let him quench me too/"Close your eyes"/Those simple words whispered caught me by surprise/Made me feel like a little girl again so I obliged/Our mouths met and our tongues danced and our hands explored/But it wasn't just sex/For a moment in time our emotions connected/I could feel it when he held me/Even when he kissed the back of my neck/Did he feel it too/Of course he did/And even though he's with you I'm still on his mind/I gave him that type of vibe that til this day will make him say "She's mine"/But you're saying he's your world/And trying to make jokes/Telling everyone he really hit this 30th/None of that matters/The memories of me and him can't be erased

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