Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Just Wanna Fuck K. Michelle Music Video

"I can tell that you like me
But it all for the chance
I'm too into myself
I need space
Though you want more
I'm not ready to open that door
I just want you to drop your pants to the floor
Cause I'm a little scared of commitment
But tonight I'll commit to your body" 

"Cause I just wanna Fuck
And Not fall in love
I'm over all the pain that love can bring
Tonight I want sex that doesn't mean a thing"
K. Michelle is speaking the words of every scorned woman that still wakes up and goes to sleep horny in her song I Just Wanna Fuck. This is about to be my jam for a minute. 

Don't be confused though. I want sex that means a whole lot. 

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