Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Will I Tell Them? (Poem)

Back in 2009 I took this poetry class. In the short period I wrote tons of poems all for fun. This year for National Poetry Month I'm trying to have some of that same spirit as back then. With that, here's a brand new poem I started 30 minutes ago. Yeah, this girl has talent. Enjoy!

If he ever gets famous/His name in the papers/His face on television/His voice all over the radio/His presence throughout the world/If he ever gets so popular/They want to know where he came from/
Who built him up/Who tried to tear him down/If they ever search out his past/When they get curious about the girlfriends he had/Or even the women he just fucked for a minute/Although none were meant to last/If they ever find out I was one/I lay on my back while he hit it rough/I allowed my hips to move to his rhythm/But his intelligence/The drive he has to get to the top/What if they ask me about that/And I know nothing/So now is the time/While discovering his body I'll try to discover his mind/What irritates him/What's his motivation/Does he have a five year plan/Will his stance on relationships ever change/Where do I go from here/Do I stay/They say patience means everything/Do I leave/Some questions are better left unanswered/Do I allow myself to fall in love/With love the memories last forever/But what if he doesn't let me get that far/Puts me on pause/Stops my curiosity from the beginning/It's just sex/For a second it'll relieve stress/And eventually the tears come/I'll turn into a little girl/Searching for someone to take the pain away/But he'll be long gone/Until one day he'll make the spotlight/But what do I tell the press/Should they know the truth/How he left an invisible hole in my chest/It took some time to repair/Or should they know about the hopeless romantic/It felt like we were in the same lane/But one day the road came to an end/Or maybe they'll ask and I'll simply have nothing to tell

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