Friday, April 26, 2013

Fuck (Poem)

So I was listening to Fantasia's Lighthouse song and came up with this poem. I guess I'll call it Fuck since that word is used so much. Enjoy!


Fuck The Bitches And Fuck The Fame/Sometimes It Feels Like Struggle Is The Only Way/Tomorrow There'll Be No Big Houses/No Fancy Cars/By Next Year The World Won't Be Ours/So Fuck The Credit Reports/Fuck The Money That We Don't Have/Lets Spend Like There's No Tomorrow/Put Michael Kors On My Feet/And The Latest Styles On My Body/Just One Time I Want To Pretend Like I Have It All/Cause Someone Once Said Life Gets Better/But Tomorrow It Will Probably Be The Same/Nothing But Bills Bills Bills/So Fuck The Liars And Fuck The Haters/They're The Ones Making Change/Trying To Motivate Me/Saying I'll Get Wealthy/Or Find The Love Of My Life/Just Buy Their Product And I'll See A Difference/Seems Like Entrepreneurship Is Only For The Brave/They Have All The Knowledge And I Stay Confused/So Fuck The Confident People And Their Competent Ways/I'll Continue To Go Astray/It's My Own Fucked Up Path/After All God Blessed Me With The Gift To Create/So Fuck Those That Don't Want To Pay Attention/Do You Feel My Pain/I Can Feel Yours As You Agree To The Words I'm Saying/You've Tried So Hard/Followed All The Rules To Reach Comfort/Did All The Actions To Eventually Fit In/But Pain Has Taught You The World Isn't Your Friend/How Can You Blend In/How Can You Continue To Stand Out/Fuck The Confusion/It's Like Mixing Weed And Alcohol/But Time Isn't Slowing Down/So Fuck It All/Everything Is So Insane/So Like Lil Wayne I'll Pretend I'm Not Human/And In Another World It'll All Make Sense

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