Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Temptation, How Tyler Perry Made Men Appear

Usually people complain that Tyler Perry makes women look like they can't handle anything in life without a man. However, in Tempation Tyler Perry managed to kill every aspect of the man. At least the aspects we women need men to have.

Every woman is supposed to want a good man. We're supposed to want a man who is willing to work hard, make us feel special, and protect us when needed. Every woman is supposed to want a man that will stand up for her, call her beautiful, and notice when she makes changes. Okay, most of the time men don't notice our changes. We make those changes for ourselves anyway, but they should notice. Every woman wants a man that will excite her and introduce her to new aspects of life. Love shouldn't be monotonous. However, in the movie Temptation Tyler Perry made all of these seem wrong.

Sexy Lance Gross played the good husband. He worked hard and loved his wife. There was no problem with that. However, the good guy couldn't remember his wife's birthday. On top of forgetting he acted like it wasn't a big deal.

Wait, before the birthday part happened there was a scene where they were walking down the street and some man called his wife a Bitch. He didn't react. He kept walking. Even verbally, we as women expect men to stand up for us. Tyler Perry wasn't having that though. Lance Gross' character responded by saying "He could have had a gun." What? That was his excuse for not standing up for his woman. He also was not down for trying new sexual acts. If his woman was bored with what he was currently doing, he should have been trying new moves.

The good guy did not protect his woman when men threw verbal insults at her and he forgot her birthday. Plus when another man started spending time with his wife he asked no questions. Huh? A man should always get nosy when his woman starts getting distracted by another man.

Tyler Perry's bad guy played by Robbie Jones was no better. The bad guy complimented her a whole lot. We want compliments. What's wrong with that? He also was ready to fight a biker when she accidentally collided with the man in the park. What's wrong with defending someone you care about? Then they went on a business trip together. He allowed her to feel special during presentations and took her out for some exciting time in the city. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing a woman something new that she will love. Now that bad guy obviously had anger issues. He also had a drug problem, but Temptation made it look like being treated extra special comes with physical abuse.

Now after tearing down every aspect of a man, what does Tyler Perry expect us women to do? I'm going to look for a good man who encompasses all I need. Hopefully he won't be a drug addict with anger issues.

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