Sunday, April 7, 2013

Look At Me (Poem)

Another Poem Written By Me

Look at me/Now look at you/All my niggas look.../As I turn around/I realize I'm alone/Where they at/I thought they had my back/But my friends/For now they've disappeared/Gone on to live their lives/Work 22 hours a day/Tend to their families/Never go astray/They're grounded/Have found their place/All grown up/Life is not a game/A day I'm not supposed to waste/But I'm at the end of a rope/It's a game of tug a war/I'm pulling in one direction/Trying to live a little more/Trying to be a little more selfish/Nice vacation to paradise/I'll take it/Thinking about moving away/I'll continually visit/And one day I'll get my way/Spending days at work/Trying twice as hard to get to the club/Growing up/I don't want that life/If it means giving up my thoughts/Falling in line/Blending in/Not being able to recognize myself from them/I'm not yet finished/Fighting for my freedom/But my aim is failing/Sometimes the hatred is convincing/You're on the other end/Pulling tightly/And saying have several seats/In the classroom of life/Listen and learn/Is it not about me/Is it not about what I want/Yeah sometimes I'm dreaming/Can I have that perfect career/Have a husband to call mine/No side chick/No mistress life/The perfect child that'll blossom with artistic beauty/Not a confused writer like me/And like now, some people will still call me crazy/But they'll respect my life/Respect the struggle/Because the ignored pay a price/Constantly needing attention/Forever losing their sanity/But I'm not totally ignored/You're paying attention/Trying to explore/Curious about my weirdness/Wanting to know more/And I'm tugging on that rope/Gaining strength/Is it just me/Maybe I'm not alone/Could they still be there/Or have they never left/Or was it me all alone trying to prove a point by myself

It's still National Poetry Month

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