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Preacher's Daughters Episode Four Recap

Preacher's Daughters is well into episode four. If you haven't been tuning in the show features Taylor Coleman, Kolby Koloff, and Olivia Perry. Each daughter has her own struggles that she is dealing with when it comes to living life and obeying parents rules. Their parents are all pastors, so they have some tough rules to obey.

Taylor is a 16 year old dealing with trying to date for the first time, have some freedom, and get around her parents very strict environment. So far she's lied, been caught, and tried to be more honest with her parents. Kolby is trying to balance the idea of dating while staying a virgin until marriage. Out of the three of them, Olivia has the biggest struggle. She's a teenage mom whose trying to raise her son on her own (with the help of parents) and live a better life.

Taylor Coleman
Taylor agrees to the double date. During the double date, Taylor's father asks a lot of questions. He wants to know if the guy goes to church, has he had drugs, been arrested, and if he's sexually active. All of these pastors seem to think a whole lot about sex. He even went as far as asking the guy to do a celibacy bow. Okay, I'm embarrassed for Taylor.

Taylor is really trying to prove she can be responsible. One way is by doing a clothing drive. The clothing drive combines her church friends and friends from other areas. The other friends are all about having fun. They do secular dances and talk about men's underwear. Of course, girls can't have fun without a nosy old lady running to a parent to get them in trouble.

The nosy old lady is called Evelyn. She is the church gossiper. While Taylor's father is preaching, Evelyn interrupts him to give him the bad news. She says his daughter was dropping it like it's hot. Well, damn. See that's how children become super rebellious. People won't let them live a little.

Side Note: One time when I was 12 or 13 I was on a church trip. Church trips were where I could show my personality anyway. The church children around my age were some bad ass kids. I wasn't bad, but I  had to have a little fun. I did something some adult disapproved of and they told my parents. They were supposed to take me to a movie that weekend, but they decided my punishment would be not going. I don't remember what I did or what movie it was, but all the daggers being thrown at me at that time still hurts a little til this day.

"We weren't dropping it like it's hot. I sat it down like it was warm." Taylor's dad was mad, but Taylor tried to explain that this woman was overreacting. She was doing something good for the community. The pressure is high on her because she's a pastor's daughter.

Uh-Oh, I'm trying to root for the pastor's daughter, but she keeps breaking the rules. Plus she said she likes the thrill of breaking the rules.

Kolby Koloff
Kolby's mom, Pastor Victoria, discusses getting a divorce. Her family struggled with dealing with the divorce because Christians aren't known for that. Christians aren't known for being angry. Christians are supposed to have a smile on their faces at all times. Wait, is this true?

Kolby discusses with her family that she broke up with her boyfriend. They never really dated though. Her dad, Pastor Nikita Koloff, also comes in town. He and her mom do not have a close relationship. After seven years of being divorced, he wants to heal his relationship with Victoria.

Olivia Perry
Olivia's family had a meeting. In the meeting they discussed their spiritual growth. Olivia also brought up going to lunch with someone she used to party with. Her older sister was shocked. Of all the family, Pastor Mark Perry might be the one with the most open mind.

This family doesn't just have praise in the church house. They also do micro-church in their home. However, it's not just family this time. Olivia brings her old party friend, Frankie. She is happy because he seems like his lifestyle has also changed. Of course it has. This man is in her house sitting next to her as she feeds her kid that is not  his.

Pastor Mark liked this guy Frankie. He liked him so much that he invited him to dinner. Olivia feels weird about it. They're just friends, but being around the parents is a dating thing. Wait, is that a friendly invite anyway or is the pastor trying to have more control over his daughter?

These are teenagers. However, the relationships between them and their parents remind me even more of why I want to leave Houston. Too much closeness can create friction. Too much closeness without any actual understandinf can create resentment.

"Christian shame is the worse. That's not how God works."

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  1. I feel like we almost watched 2 different shows.. Your take on this is not what I would have recapped from the episode.