Thursday, April 18, 2013

The News Keeps Me Wondering...

Yesterday a bill for expanded background checks on people purchasing guns was defeated. However, every job in America still requires a background check. Whether working in the medical field or McDonalds, your history has to be known. So shouldn't a thorough background check be done when purchasing a gun? I'm starting to be confused about what society is promoting.

For instance everyone has heard about Rick Ross' rape lyrics. They were done on a mixtape song released months ago, but someone after months of being underground the song surfaced to mainstream media. This caused outraged. People were so mad they rallied for Reebok to end Rick Ross' contract. Reebok actually followed through. But how could Reebok be threatened by some rape lyrics when in just about every song he promotes drugs, killing people, and carrying around powerful guns? See what is society promoting?

My purpose in life is so confusing sometimes. From an early age it was clear what talent I was blessed with. However, that's not what I've been motivated to do most of my life. I thought I had a clear path to go through with my dreams the moment I turned 18. Well, actually it was the moment I was dropped off in a new city for college. I was able to pick a major based off love and not just money. My life was changing. Then sometime after college I was sent mix messages again. The world became a place a disarray. Too many college kids were graduating with no jobs to look forward to. There was a recession. The ones closest promoted chasing money over getting a career. Three years later I'm in a better situation to go after what makes me happy, but the ones closest are not on the same page.

Are others opinions important if they haven't caught up to you in the book? Because I want support, I've been on a constant campaign to support others. As I ask a person who I've grown to think of as a mentor a million questions, I've also noticed someone asking me a million questions. Am I fit to give that person advice? I am working on myself still.

Maybe I am. As of 2013 I haven't checked to see the numbers of unemployed people. I try to stay away from considering the people in worse situations than me. Their issues won't change how I feel about my own circumstances. It's much easier to turn my back on the negativity than it was a year go. Plus I've learned to spend more money on things I want. There's no more holding back for a while. I'm 26, single, and have no kids.

I won't stop wondering, but I'll do what I have to do to feel alive.

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