Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rapper Khia Loves University of Florida Football Team

While the thug misses, Khia, has not attended University of Florida as a student she is showing love for the football team. According to her twitter, she paid UF a visit recently.

Recently Khia released un-photoshopped photos of herself in a University of Florida towel. Along with the pictures she did several tweets where she showed love to the Gators. The photos are slightly racy. All she's wearing is some Payless shoes, a Gator towel, and Madi Gra beads to hold the towel together.

Usually in order to release photos like these a person has to have some kind of affiliation with the college. If the college does not approve, she could be sued. What could Khia's affiliation to UF be? Whatever it is, it is clear that she is a Gator fan. Look at more photos and tweets below.

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