Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And The Literary Art Award Goes To Maya Angelou

Two days ago I tuned into the Grammy Awards along with millions of others. One of the most disappointing moments of the night was watching two football players that had just won the championship struggle to read the category they were announcing. However, BET reminded us that literacy is important when I watched Maya Angelou receive the Literary Arts award on the 2012 Honors last night.

The show was actually taped a month ago so I knew it was coming. However, it was still amazing to see a literary art award go to a legend such as Maya Angelou. Ms. Angelou is amazing. She's a poet that has paved the way for generations of new poets. She's a woman that has inspired generations of women to to have courage in themselves and each other. She's a writer that has shown how powerful literacy can be. 

Maya Angelou inspires me. 

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