Monday, February 20, 2012

My Passion Is Powerful And Not Going Anywhere (The Vow Review)

If you were given the chance to make some of your choices all over again do you think you would make the same decisions? Would you get into the same career? Would you choose a new career? Would you be closer or farther away from your family? Would you date the same men? Would you be more open or less open in your dating choices? Recently I went to see the movie The Vow and realized if I had to choose all over again I'd choose being a writer.

I started writing at the age of ten just for fun. At the time I wanted to share my new found talent with the world, but not everyone was interested in it. My family pretended to be interested in it, but didn't really want to read. The kids at school did read it until they found something new to entertain them. When it seemed as if no one cared about my talent anymore I continued to write.

At that point it became my own little secret gift to myself. I'd waste paper creating story after story and then hide the stories in a drawer inside my room. Then one day I moved on from just story telling. I wanted to see if poetry was a part of my writing gift.

So I tried it out and it was horrible. Well I found out I was horrible when I decided to share my poetry with some people. Their reactions made me go back into hiding and work on perfecting my talent. I perfected and perfected until it was time to choose a career.

Well actually it was more like a major for college. I had two choices. They were major in English or major in journalism. Since I wanted to explore the depths that my talent could do I chose journalism. The minute I stepped into that world I knew it was time to add a title with it. So I started calling myself a writer.

A writer is what I am. There's no denying it. Some people give themselves titles for the money. While money is at the heart of all survival methods, my gift has never been money motivated. It's never been forced upon me by anyone. It has purely been a gift that I had at a very young age and never stopped utilizing. In fact I'm writing right now. But recently I went to the movies and realized if I had the opportunity to pick a brand new career I'd still choose being a writer.

The latest movie I had the pleasure of seeing was The Vow. This movie is about a woman who gets into a car accident and forgets that last five years of her life. The loss of her memory affects her family, her husband, and her career. Her family is changed because they realized she forgot why she was mad at them and they don't have to go through lots of apologizing to get her back into their lives. Her husband is affected because she doesn't remember marrying or ever meeting him. Her career is effected because when she comes out of her coma she only remembers the dream job her father had planned for her life. She is affected the most because she has to discover who she is all over again.

The movie is over all deep and very relate-able. While we don't all get huge brain injuries that cause us to reflect on where we are, we all go through the decision of choosing the decisions that will make us happy. Some of us end up later on down the road trying to decide whether we made the right choices. Not everyone ends up happy and some people end up eventually following their hearts once they realize the cause of their sadness.

Actually I'm speaking about choices, but this has nothing to do with choices. In the movie before the accident the woman had a strong passion for art and eventually see worked her way back to that passion. There's a scene where she's in a law class and she's drawing in her notebook. She couldn't remember her past but the gift managed to find and put a smile on her face again. This was a a sign that my gift is powerful and not going anywhere.

So if I all of a sudden forgot my memory one day I already know that the passion for writing is so deep that it would find me again.

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