Thursday, February 2, 2012

Story Teller: His Love Was A Struggle

His Love Was A Struggle
A Very Short Story 

From the moment we met he was ready. I was not so I made him wait.

He waited through two whole days of "getting to know you" conversations. I spilled out facts about my current life. My hopes and dreams were laid out onto the table with hope that he was paying attention. However, the moment I became the one asking questions the conversation became boring. He wasn't there to share his life story. He wasn't there to discuss his future. He only stuck around because I was cute. Then he became impatient.

He threw out ultimatums. First he tried flirting. I flirted back, but without enough enthusiasm for him. "You're attractive" wasn't enough. "Your voice is smooth like fine wine" sounded too familiar. "Let's get to know each other" came out boring." He was a stranger. I had just met him, but he wanted me to open all the way up. He wanted me to relax. If I didn't go with the flow, he'd find another girl to give him the attention he needed.

"I'll be your remote. Touch me turn me on." He opened up when I started talking about my body. I envisioned an imaginary canvas and then painted a picture of us together. We were on top of a queen sized bed decorated with spring colors. R. Kelly songs played softly in the background. I hid my nervousness. It was time to play freak. We stripped.

"Take it off. I want to you love. Your bad body, I want to touch you." As Chris Brown played in the background I stripped for him. First went my dress. It was tossed to the floor. Then went my underwear. By request the heels stayed on. He wanted to add to the kinkiness so he tossed $10's and $20's at me. But he was already too slow.

"Let me lay it on the line. I got a little freakiness inside. Just know that a man's gotta deal with it." While I was ready, he was still fully clothed. He hurried took off his clothes. In the midst of his impatience I decided to tease him. I touched myself in places that he was dreaming of feeling. Then I added moaning noises just to drive him a little crazy. Once naked I couldn't help but noticed his body was carved.

His body was perfectly shaped and his dick was hard. The fear of being with a stranger suddenly disappeared. His temptation called my name and I met the challenge. Before he combined his body with mine he tried to kiss my lips, but it wasn't that type of party.

It wasn't a lovemaking occasion. That fact still remained that I didn't know him. So he let his lips trail everywhere else. He teased me before pleasing me. When the lust ended I was happy that I went through with it.

It only took two days for us to meet each other and give each other a very personal moment in time. However, loving him would be a struggle. Thinking of being his friend would leave the situation complicated. So at the end of that second day we went our separate ways.

*the story of how a good girl becomes a heaux

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