Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black History Month, What Happened To You?

There's a lot floating around in my mind right now. Every time I wake up and go to sleep there seems to be something to think about. Focusing on work, writer's dreams, scheming, losing sight of goals, they all haunt and  excite me at the same time. But recently I tried to shake them off and focus on something more important. I tried to focus on something that was not about me. That's when I realized it's supposed to be Black History Month.

Every February is black history month and yes I realize that it is the 28th. The whole month has went by and I lost sight of this huge holiday. This is the only real month where us black people get a chance to focus on ourselves, but I forgot to pay attention. Why is that? Is it that I really forgot this was the month to celebrate being black? Is it that us black people are no longer as important as we once thought? Or is it that a whole lot of events happened to take the focus off all the great blacks that have been born since the beginning of time? Let's see...

Don Cornelius Commits Suicide
The very first day of black history month people started throwing out tons of facts, but then something shocking happened to take the focus away from those facts. Don Cornelius committed suicide on that very same day. This was the same man who was the host of the very first music/dance centered show for African Americans. His show created several trends. However, instead of celebrating another moment in black history we were morning his death. Not only were we mourning his death though. We were shocked that he would commit suicide? Why go out like that after making such huge achievements? Hmn...

Whitney Houston Is Found Dead
Just as we finished recovering from the Don Cornelius shocker, Whitney Houston's body was found. This woman was part of the last generation of singers with real talent. Let's face it. At some point in the 21st century it became more about entertainment and less about actual skills. However, she could really sing at one point. Then after years of drug usage, or maybe just aging, her skills weren't as good. However, instead of thinking of Whitney as a person to cherish during black history, we immediately jumped to pointing out all her problems. Then something worse happened.

Nicki Minaj Performs at 54th Grammy Awards
At least I think it was the 54th awards show. Well first she walked down the red carpet with a catholic priest (fake one maybe) on her arms. Then she performed later on in the show. Her performance involved a priest attempting an exorcism on her and then an interesting performs of a song, Roman Reloaded, that sucks. But that horrible song didn't even matter. It was the strange exorcism that pissed off many of Nicki's fans and she didn't give a damn. Actually Nicki said she wished she had five percent (or something like that) fucks to give. Wait, but I thought it was supposed to be black history month where we care about each other's feelings. Nah,  not this year.

Chris Brown And Rihanna Reunite Ike And Tina Turner
Well Ike Turner and Tina Turner didn't really end up on the same stage. That would be way too much for any generation. However, after years of not being anywhere near each other Chris and Rihanna started partying together. In the midst of their shocking partying, they also decided to collaborate. Their collaborations became instant youtube sensations, but not because the songs were good. Three years ago Chris Brown beat the hell out of Rihanna. He may or may not have apologized for his actions, but he's showed a lot of anger toward anyone willing to bring up that terrible night. That same terrible night Rihanna had the good girl beat out of her and has made the best music of her life since. Her music has gotten so good that she seems to have forgotten what happened with Chris and recently they reunited, as already mentioned. The problem is no one has forgotten what happened that night. It was too public to forget. The bigger problem is neither Chris or Rihanna seems to want to acknowledge that their actions are wrong. They don't even want to say why their actions are good. But wait, there's more...

Celebrities Are Doing Stupid Things
Chris Brown did win a Grammy award this year, but while partying he decided he would take on a new hobby that involved stealing fans $500 cellphones. All the fan wanted was a cute picture of Chris Brown, but he wanted her phone and he took it. Then I found out that Juvenile, my ex baby daddy, has forgotten to pay over $160,000 in child support to some woman in Louisiana. He's headed to jail soon. But that's not the worse part of this month. Every time I turn on the television Jennifer Hudson is talking about weight loss. Sometimes she is singing with her past fat self. It is super annoying and kind of creepy. 

Okay, after bringing up all that I can now see why I forgot it was a time to celebrate the history of black people. Did you forget this month was supposed to be special too? 

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