Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In The Name Of Love, What Is Wrong With These Women?

Recently I watched Love and Hip Hop. This particular episode was dedicated to the cast talking about the previous season. Since some of the women didn't want to be filmed together they did one on one interviews. Most of the interviews discussed certain scenes that happened during the season, but there was one person who refused to be like the rest. That person is Emily, also known as the woman we never heard Fabolous claim to be in a relationship with.

While everyone else was discussing scenes, Emily decided to talk about how the whole show was meant to get Fabolous to finally treat her with the respect she deserved. For real, she admitted on live television that she did the whole show to get the attention of a cheating man. Now during the show we saw Emily move into her own place so she could be miss independent. However, in the interview she said she was dating Fabolous again. She also said that he's finally claiming her everywhere they go. To top it off Emily claimed that she's set boundaries to keep their relationship in check. She said all of this with a smile on her face, but more was done. While the episode was airing Emily tweeted a photo of her and Fabolous with a caption that said "Don't sleep on us." But wait...

Fabolous has continually cheated on Emily. He's also admitted to having some kind of sexual relations with Kimbella, another cast member. For as long as Fabolous has been in the public eye he has never mentioned having a girlfriend or being in love. Even when he was asked how he felt about the show in an interview, Fabolous never claimed Emily has the woman  he loved. He claimed her as the mother of his child. However, this woman is supposedly so in love that she'd run right back to him just because she thinks he's changed. What is really wrong with Emily?

However, Emily isn't the only confused woman on the scene. Recently I read a blog post about a woman who's about to get married to a man she doesn't love. In the past this woman has been in a relationship with a man who cheated on her and continually disrespected her. It's similar to Emily's situation, except this man eventually broke up with her. That's how much she didn't want to let go of the monster. Then she met a man that she refers to as good. The good man is the one she's marrying. She decided that just because he would do anything for her, including propose, she'd accept his proposal. However, she doesn't find him interesting, they haven't had sex yet (not really bad), and she's been told that if she just marries him the love will eventually show up in her heart. Did you catch that? She's not in love or even feeling love towards him. There are a lot of good men, but that doesn't mean that love will show up if you marry the first one that presents himself.

Then again I could be wrong. I'm single and waiting for the right man. This means he has to be a man of God, has to be in love with me, I have to be in love with him, and the chemistry has to be 90% perfect. Nothing is 100%. Mostly we have to have similar interests, both be responsible adults, and be able to see ourselves spending forever with each other. However, I could be wrong.

Maybe love does exist in chasing after the man who doesn't want you as his only woman. Or maybe love means settling for a good man when your emotions seems to be missing from the scene. Or something could really be wrong with these women. I don't know. What is your definition of love?

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