Monday, February 27, 2012

Drake/DMX Beef~ Who Would Win?

Within the past year Drake was involved in his first beef. This hatred came from rapper Common and was totally unexpected. Common, known for his sex appeal and soft lyrics, dissed Drake for (I think) having the exact same style. While Drake does appear emotionally unstable at times, he doesn't like being called soft. So a beef began between both rappers. It was weird because it was unclear what the rappers were mad at each other about. However, weeks ago it ended. Now they are cool. However, Drake has developed a new enemy and his name is DMX.

A couple days ago DMX, a rapper known for his hard lyrics, long criminal record, and drug habit, did an interview on The Breakfast Club. During the interview he discussed his dislike for several rappers. One was Drake. DMX said he hated everything from the way Drake dresses to the way he breathes. That's a lot of hatred, but he was serious. 

This could potentially turn into a beef, but who would win? Drake actually has current songs that are hits. DMX, on the other hand, has a long criminal record and is willing to go back to jail if he has to. Okay, the answer is clear. Drake will be a punk and not even respond. 

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