Saturday, February 11, 2012

Story Teller~ He Admitted To Doing Nothing With His Life

Me: Do you plan to go to school?

Him: Yeah, eventually I will.

Me: Well, what are you doing now? 

Him: I'm not doing anything. 

Me: How do you make money? 

Him: I'm currently searching for a job.

Within the past few years usually when I asked a man what his current job was he would have something to say. Some used part time jobs to hustle. They weren't afraid of McDonalds, Burger King, Walmart, Target, or even Sams Club. All they cared about when it came to money was getting their bills paid. Then there were some that made their money through school. Those were the ones who jumped for joy when their net checks came in the mail. Then at the very bottom of the barrel there were rappers. Most of these rappers were not signed to labels, didn't have top notch skills, and couldn't get more than five people to view their youtube videos. However, they were still proud to call themselves rappers. This guy was none of them. With a smile on his face he had just admitted that he was broke with no shame and no plans for getting money into his bank account.

The conversation didn't start off with questions about his job. It actually started with him trying to get the attention of my cousin. When she realized what he was trying to do she smiled knowing she was not interested at all. He overlooked her disinterest and never quite grasped a joke that she told even after three of us told him it was a joke. He came off slow, but determined. However, she wanted the conversation to end after he admitted he was doing absolutely nothing with his life.

Him: Can I get your number?

Her: How about I get your number? 

Getting a man's number was code for letting him know that we weren't interested. However, this guy didn't care.

Him: My phone is turned off. 

Her: Then you can't call me anyway.

He smiled out of embarrassment. She was right, but she was also making it so hard for him. A woman knows a loser when she sees one, but he didn't realize he was one. Instead he saw himself as a good guy that was having a hard time. He would get pass it, but he couldn't understand why she wasn't willing to at least converse for the time being. He had plans, but he just didn't feel like sharing them at that particular time. She and the onlookers didn't know of his plans. All they heard was him truthfully say he wasn't doing anything.

*While the quotes are paraphrased, the story is true*

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