Saturday, February 11, 2012

Celebrity Pre-Grammy Fashions (Whitney Houston & Ciara)

The Grammy Awards will be on television tomorrow night, but the festivities and fashion statements have already started. Check out Whitney Houston and Ciara below as they make statements in only ways they could.
Towards the beginning of the night Whitney Houston's hair was laid and her body was perfect. In fact she was on stage singing along side Kelly Price. However, after the party she was making several statements. Her hair was a mess, she was sweaty, and it was reported that she had scratches on her body. Sounds like Miss Houston got into a fight.

On the other hand Ciara has been seen in during this Grammy weekend with a new look. While Ciara is famous for rocking long hair, she is continually coming up with new styles to wear. It's a good thing since all of her music is old news. Anyway, Ciara has a new look. Check it out below.

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