Friday, February 24, 2012

Intellectual Tips: Stealing A Phone Gets The Media's Attention

Ever since the Grammy awards, or maybe even before then, Chris Brown has been heavily in the media.

His recently escalating popularity started with adding a grammy award to his collection. Soon after the police report from his brutal attack of Rihanna was released. The media started talking heavily and Chris Brown responded by letting his haters know he had an award.

Then two new songs were released with Chris' name attached to them. One involved a remix of his song "Turn Up The Music." What made the song media worthy was the fact that Rihanna was his feature. The other song that came out was Rihanna's song "Birthday Cake," which featured Chris Brown as the feature. "Birthday Cake" sparked more attention because it seemed as though the two ex lovers were telling each other how much they wanted to get back together and have hot sweaty sex. This erupted more bad press for Chris Brown and caused lots of women to writers letter telling Rihanna to be careful. It has also effect Chris' love life since neither he or his girlfriend Karrueche have announced a break-up.

Although the press has been trying to find new problems with Chris Brown he has used his twitter to stay positive. It's worked up until yesterday.

Yesterday news got out that Chris Brown may be in trouble with the law again. His new way of being bad has been to steal an Iphone.

It all started when he and rapper Tyga were in a club. After the club a fan allegedly tried to get a picture of him and he snapped. He yelled at the fan saying she wasn't going to post any photos of him for press ant hen stole her phone. To be accurate it was a $500 Iphone 4S. Now Chris may be in trouble with the law and he has the media's attention for doing something bad again.

He's an entertainer. You may be wondering why it's bad for the media to have so much on Chris, especially so early in the year. Well at the beginning of the year Chris Brown's team said he would not do any interviews or have any opinions this year. While he's stuck to his word on interviews, Chris is doing a horrible job of keeping a low profile.

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