Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Reflections: A Color Change Is Gonna Come

At the beginning of the year I wanted to make a change. Instead of talking about the past I wanted to discuss my future and I created a label for it. It was called "Visions Of The Future." I thought that label was so creative but then realized after a couple times of using it that Sunday Reflections sounds so much better. See Sunday Reflections it better because it doesn't just involve looking upon the past. I can also casually reference the future. Now onto the real part of this post...

A change is gonna come soon. It's not about to be a small one either. It'll be a change that makes a huge difference. See I watched Good Deeds this weekend and last weekend I saw The Vow. Plus some random trip to Target earlier this year caused me to buy my former life story Never Been Kissed. It wasn't my life story because of her bad luck with relationships. I bonded because I realized both the main character and I were extremely awkward, struggle with words, but in the end can create a masterpiece. 

A change has come. Last year I discovered that my new life story is the movie Young Adult. See I thought I knew who I was and what my passion was upon working my way through college. However, in the last two years I've been ridiculed for my passion and tried to be dragged into a life I don't love. If I hadn't know before I really discovered what unhappiness felt like. However, upon watching the movie Young Adult I discovered exactly who I am. I'm a weird, awkward writer struggling to fit into this fucked up world and that will never change. I'm quite possibly immature but that may just stem from a lack of understanding from others. I'm emotionally turned off because 90% of the time I'm stuck in my emotions and 45% of that time I won't reveal it to you. I'm cool because I can always find some way to cope. Wait, the real point is coming.

A change is soon to come. It'll be a small change that will show in a big way. This change will cause more people to judge me, which I really don't want but it will help me get in touch with Lashuntrice more. The changte involves coloring my hair. For a while I've had a vision of being a blond or a red head. Well my fantasy is having fiery red hair, but I'm willing to settle for burgundy. I really want to consider what every one else will think (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers), but this one ain't about them. Yeah, I used the word ain't. This color change is about me, so if I decide to do a streak of blue there will be no problem. 

It's almost near. I've set up a hair appointment for a week from now. I'm nervous, but totally excited. No one's gonna change my mind. No one is going to scare me with stories of hair falling out or it being a struggle to keep up the color. If you have a sudden overwhelming feeling to give advice that's opposite of my opinion don't do it. 

You get to live. Why shouldn't I? 

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