Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Woman In Black (Movie Review)

One day I want to be a movie critic, but I'm not there yet. I've seen several movies in the past couple months, but may have blogged about one or two. Not every movie has been worth a whole blog post and some have had too many many opinions for what they were actually worth. There have actually been a few (like the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) that were worth mentioning here, but I was too amazed at the movies to put my amazement in words. Anyway, I watched a movie this weekend and it was excellent. It was The Woman In Black.

The Setting
The Woman In Black had the perfect setting for a mystery thriller movie. It took place in a country town that had a haunted house, which wasn't even connected to the actual town. The haunted house was separated from the rest of the town by a path, which was surrounded by water. However, as creepy as the haunted house was the rest of the town looked just like it. The houses and people all came with an similar unpleasant vibe. The setting itself created the horror of the film.

The Characters
Whenever you combine a mysterious ghosts and dead children, you're bound to have good characters. Okay, that's a lie. It doesn't work for every movie, but it worked for The Woman In Back. There was single father destined to grieve the loss of his wife as long as he lived. There was a town of people who wanted the man to leave, but would not give him an explanation as to why he should leave. Then to add an extra joy (sadness) there were suicidal children. The mysterious woman in black topped it all off because after all it was about her.

The Props And Sounds
If a black person was in this movie the black face monkey dolls would have been highly upsetting. However, because the movie was totally absent of black people the dolls were just creepy. They, along with the lack of music, helped keep this movie mysterious and scary until the very end.

For A PG 13 Movie...
A month ago I made the big mistake of going to see The Devil Inside. The Rated-R part of it fooled me. Instead of that rating it should have been Rated-G. However, this movie was Rated PG 13 and should have probably had an R-rating. It was that suspenseful. So, for a PG 13 movie The Woman In Black was pretty good.
If you're a horror fan, you won't be disappointed.

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