Friday, February 17, 2012

Intellectual Tips: Being Different Is Hard

Recently I began to learn that being different is a huge struggle. 

I found out that most poets struggle to come up with words to get their audience's attention. For example it was clear that Common was struggling to get the audience to feel his words at the BET Honors. 

I've found that most actors struggle to let the world know who they are and why they are important. Actor Brian White has continuously talked about his career and his opinions on black women. 

I've found out that most entertainers work hard to prove to the world that they will never stop entertaining. This past Sunday Nicki Minaj did a strange performance on stage. The performance involved a priest and an exorcism. Last she revealed that the point of the performance was to prove that her alter ego, Roman, would never change even if a priest tried to help. 

However, no matter what intent Nicki had she angered a lot of her fans and the catholic church. Brian White has also angered a lot of black women with his negative views. Common will always be a poet that people either  love or hate. 

Sometimes I try to desperately fit in. It's true, but I fail every time. My real personality slides out. I'm the nerd that loves to read, loves to write, and loves to learn from everything that she hears. The topics that my memory holds onto and later spits out in front of people is so visual that eventually the word "weird" slips out of someone's mouth. However, it's who I am. It is what makes me different. However, when you began to end up around strangers or familiar faces you learn that being different is hard. 

It's depressing because someone's going to force you to care. It's sad because there's someone close always trying to change you. It's hard because it's who you are. 

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