Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can I Get A Second Chance? (Poem)

Can I Get A Second Chance? 
2012 Poem

Can I Get A Second Chance???
 I feel like the girl who keeps running into the same men over and over again
He starts off handsome, nice, a little insecure
 He believes in chivalry, holding doors open and always giving out unwarranted compliments
Brags about his achievements and allows me to listen to his future plans
He's not the traditional man
Doesn't want to become a doctor, lawyer, banker or even engineer
 His goals, they stretch past the achievements of a nurse, mailman, singer, or rapper
This man, each man, the ones I always want to refer to as my man, dream of ruling the world
 They're entrepreneurs who dream of making millions of dollars, driving fast cars, living in fancy houses, and giving the women in their lives everything they could imagine
 Their big dreams lead to lots of small lies
 Instead of looking at what they have they're ashamed of where they're at, but they don't want to show it
 They convince me it'll get better
 "Dinner nights out are coming soon. 
We'll go to the movies tomorrow. 
When the weather's better we'll chill at the park. 
That concert's expensive, maybe next time." 
Tomorrows and next times never come around, but I know it will never happen.
 I've been there before
Each guy, different looks, different heights, never the same color eyes, voices always sound different, skin color tends to vary, but they all come off the same way
 Very goal driven but lacking in the ways that it takes to build a relationship
 But I don't know if a better man exists
 So can I get a second chance to be with him, different man, different name, but same game, all over again?

Okay, so I was listening to Elle Varner's song "Refill" before I wrote this. Can you tell?

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