Sunday, February 5, 2012

Current State: My Career From Others Eyes

If you're reading this you were probably looking for a Sunday Reflections post. I don't feel like diving too far into the past today. If you were looking for a Visions of The Future post I don't feel like daydreaming about what my future holds either. Wait, but I have done a little daydreaming.

Today's post on TRSJ is about following your dreams and how Slim Jackson can start furthering his career. In the midst of reading about his goals, I couldn't help but start dreaming myself. Then something hit me. All I've been doing is dreaming. I continually dream and make strives to feel as if my goals are getting somewhere. However, it's not even about my dreaming most of the time. It's about how others see me. I can sit around all day for a whole 24 hours and come up with ideas for my future, but what really seems to matter currently is how others perceive these ideas.

After all it is others that helps a writer breathe life into his/her career. A writer thrives on creating and getting others to read their creations. A writer also thrives on knowing how others see his/her current career. Recently I stopped writing long enough to really listen to opinions. Below is the current state of how some people see my career.

"You Are A Good Writer"
I've heard that I'm a good writer over and over from several people who have taken the time to actually read my writer. If strangers were saying it then they read a poem or two. If a friend said it then it means that friend was actually looking at my blog. If family members said it then it mostly meant that they were lying and just wanted to protect my ego.

"You Should Follow The Money"
Well this statement isn't actually recent. Within the last few years since I graduated college I've been told to focus on the jobs that bring in the money. Even when asked if I would go back to school, I've been told to possibly focus on a major that involves a guaranteed job when I graduate. The ironic part of that is I never said I definitely wanted to go back to school. I've been told to focus on money so much in the last couple months that it's actually annoying. However, that's part of the current state of my career.

"How is your writing coming along?"
You may not believe it, but I get asked this question a million more times than I'd like to count. The question is annoying for one simple reason. Someone asking me how my writing is coming along means they don't even have the sincerity to look for themselves. Wait, it actually means they just don't care about my career and they don't even want to hide it. They know the career exists though.

So the current state of my career from the eyes of others is that it's existent but not good enough to respect. Think about your career currently. How do others view your profession?

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